Photo Gallery

Burkina Faso 2011 (Ouagadougou-Bobo Dioulasso-Banfora)

Visiting Burkina Faso I remember a number of things, but few things distinctly. Ouagadougo, Bobo-Dioulasso, and the wonderfully dusty streets of Banfora seem to forget days, but their moments of colourful chaos, enormous loads delicately balanced on heads, lizards basking in the sun and the simple courtesy shown by nailing lost identity cards to a tree, linger on. Then there are the magnificent moments of the 3 km long towers of Sindou crowned by erosion-resistant rock, the rich rusty sandstone pillars thrusting up from green sugarcane that are "Les Dômes de Fabédougou", the lilies water birds and hippos of Lake Tangrela and the colourful, courteous and happy people.These photos are some of the hazy moments and dusty landscapes of Burkina Faso

Namibia 2010 (Windhoek-Kalahari-Aus-Luderitz-Sossussvlei-Swakopmund)

After spending 5 days searching for masks in Angola I drove a 4WD through Southern Namibia for 3 weeks. From Windhoek I spent 4 days in the Kalahari, 3 days in Aus, 4 days in Sossussvlei and 4 days in Swakopmund. Some nights were in the open camping and others under roofs - I loved its deserts (both the Kalahari and the Namib), mountains, coast, animals, ghost towns, forbidden zones, and of course, its people. Surprisingly, I found more authentic Angolan material across the border in Namibia than I did in Luanda. These are a few of the photos from walking and driving in Namibia

Cameroon 2009 (Douala-Limbe-Bamenda-Bafut-Bafoussam-Foumban)

From sharing a hotel with a team of US Marines in Limbe to dodging road blocks and donkeys while hurtling along dubious roads from Bamoun to Foumban in just 2½ hours (since labelled "the Cameroon Death Race"), Cameron is alternately beaming smiles, brooding stares or unashamed avarice. Although the scenery is not as spectacular as other African locations, the art (both old and new)and even the new claiming to be old) is fantastic. These are photos from my culturally rich Cameroon escapade

Mali 2007 (Bamako-Segou-Mopti-Dogon Plateau-Djenne)

In 2007 I travelled for 3 weeks following the Niger River, experiencing life and collecting masks in Mali. Landing in Bamako I made my way by bus to Segou and on to Mopti. In Mopti I met up with a fantastic Dogon guide, whom I highly recommend, Batrou Saye, ( and walked the Dogon Plateau starting in Bandiagara and staying on rooftops in Teli and Begnimato before returning to Mopti. Heading south again I spent 4 days in Djenne taking photos of the Mosque and people before returning for a few days to the marvelous Hotel L'Auberge in Segou. These are a few of the photos from my Mali travels

East Africa 2003 (Kilimanjaro–Serengeti–Tanga–Pemba–Zanzibar–Dar es Salaam–Lusaka)

For 3 months I was able to wind my way from the ice fields of Kilimanjaro and golden savannah’s of Northern Tanzania to a catholic mission on the coast at Tanga. Then on to Pemba and Zanzibar for weeks of peanuts, sand and magnificent sunsets before heading back to the mainland and travelling by train to Lusaka in Zambia. Finally rafting and fishing for tiger fish in the mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls ended an amazing adventure. These are photos from the mountains, grasslands and islands of East Africa.